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Create "Photo" Coloring Books for Fun and Profit – Program Summary

This course teaches the student how to create coloring books starting with personally selected photographs. Photographs are turned into color-able images using Adobe Photoshop. Once created, they are incorporated into a coloring book document of your design and then are published onto Amazon's CreateSpace "Print on Demand" website. CreateSpace integrates with Amazon-Kindle to allow the author to sell these coloring books online. You can also use CreateSpace to market your coloring books globally through book retailers they have built connections to.

Want to get your coloring books into major book chains like Barnes & Noble and Chapters Indigo? This course shows you how to do that too...

I also provide through this course lectures that will assist you in marketing your coloring books to others. You will learn how to promote them online including through social media platforms, how to get your books listed with physical retailers, how to find prospects online and how to interact with customers to drive towards additional sales.

So if you like taking pictures, you like creating and having fun with it and you are not adverse to making some extra income from your creativity, this could become quite a good sideline "passive income" stream for you. So come check this course out.

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- Dan Grijzenhout - Course Creator



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