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scorpion system protection training and get the software

The world's first true computer Anti-Hacking Protection Software - does what anti-virus protection software can't! Built to meet the protection standards set by the U.S. Government including the Department of Defence and Homeland Security!

Scorpion changes settings deep in your computer that answer questions that hackers are asking. When you go to a website, for instance, you don't usually need to provide information such as "What specific version of what operating system are you using?" or "What is the name and ID of the currently logged in user?". But those are useful questions to answer when starting an attack against your system. 


Scorpion 'mutes' your computer when it is asked these types of questions - and does a lot more. We've also thrown in some very useful speed tweaks that will make a noticeable improvement in surfing, downloading, streaming videos, etc. Go to the course signup page to preview "Scorpion System Protection" informational videos and learn more!

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