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making money at blogging

In researching this mode of earning income, I've noticed significant similarities of methods to earn income by a number of successful bloggers. Some of the common things that they do to earn money fall into the following categories: 

They start out by writing about things they believe in and encourage others to comment on their site and to read their words by various forms of promotion including: 


Posting their thoughts and images on places like Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and Flickr. 

Guest posting on other blogging sites and encouraging people there - including site owners to reciprocate and check out their site as well. 

When they build enough content, they work at building a subscriber base, often by creating Landing Pages offering a gift for every e-mail signup 

They work at making their sites look appealing and interesting, adding posts and content regularly to keep content and people's comments fresh and alive.

To make money from their sites, as they start to grow a follower base that is beginning to or does trust them, they start to do the following things: 

They pursue affiliate marketing. They place ads on their sites, often for products within their niche that they believe people who come to their site will purchase. 

They have usually by this time begun to build some course material that they begin to promote on the site or they have written an E-Book or two that they are selling that encapsulates their wisdom within that niche. 

They look for brands that sell products within their niche who they are comfortable promoting and they: 

Begin to market that brand's products on their site 

They market to the brand and begin to create some marketing campaigns on behalf of that brand 

They begin to build an inventory of product reviews for products within their niche - and sometimes are getting paid in one form or another by brands who commission them to review products. 

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These are the common things that I see that Bloggers do to start to earn regular incomes from their blogs. And this is OK - a living can be made this way and it can be a relatively good one and all some people need. But what sets apart the superstars that make the big money at this form of entrepreneurship? What do they do differently and what do they do better? These answers are not that easily found but they are there nonetheless if you dig for them. 

Through my research, here are some of the answers I have come up with relating to how to become a superstar revenue earner. 

Consistency of message and consistency of output. The superstars really grind it out. A week will not go by without then putting out new material. They work hard at this and it builds followers and momentum for them - momentum is key in this industry.

You find them everywhere on the Internet and in real life. A person may be a blogger but you will suddenly find/him or her also doing YouTube videos or podcasts as well. Next thing you notice is that they are a keynote speaker at a conference you happen upon. Bottom line is they are expert at visibility and at self-promotion. They are not afraid to push the envelope in any direction nor are they afraid to spend a few dollars to make something happen. Their stories start to become bigger than life. You notice them and want to be in their circles. 

They do the hard research to find profitable niches to explore. They figure out how to do SEO analysis, keyword and keyword phrase research and they do this before they start their site or their new niche. Did I mention they usually are building multiple niches - not just focused on one? It is their research that drives the niche they select. They do not like most of us, think "this is what I want to do or talk about - I wonder what keywords will help people find me?" They do it the other way around. They look for a dozen or so niche opportunities, they do the SEO and Keyword research - and they know exactly what to do when they are doing this - and they select their next niche based on a number of factors such as: 

Who is the competition in this niche? 

How well do they advertise? 

Can I replace them at the top of search Engines like Google with some work? 

Can I create good content in this niche and is it something that is trending well with people today? 

Are their good keyword opportunities for it? Etc. 

Once they have found a niche to pursue - or should I say their next niche to pursue, their roll out formula for it is tried and true. They know what to do every step of the way and they roll a lot of infrastructure they have already built previously for other niches into it such as their existing e-mail lists, their e-mail and auto-responder systems, their YouTube and Podcast channels, etc. They have built a lot out there already that they can leverage and pull into the new venture - and this brings in cross selling opportunities for them. 

So the bottom line at becoming really successful at earning revenue by Blogging, start with your first one and get it built along with all your support systems that automate things for you. Be consistent and work hard at it - and it takes time! When you get it humming along smoothly? Don't think you are done. In fact, you are just starting and it is time to take it up a notch! Stretch yourself always and then, sooner than you think, you will be asked to be a keynote at conferences, you will gain recognition in many places and you will be making incomes way beyond what you started out thinking you could. Believe, do the hard work, stretch, and you will get there.

By Dan Grijzenhout - December 20, 2016

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