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howtoguru business services summary

I am currently accepting a limited quantity of new clients for the 2017 calendar year. Clients I will accept include home business entrepreneurs, small businesses and both public and private sector corporations. Due to some current health limitations, I primarily will work from my home office to assist you but will accept a few limited time on site engagements as well. I am also available to provide training lectures and presentations in entrepreneurial topics in and around Vancouver Island, Vancouver and the lower mainland. Speaking engagements at conferences elswhere can be discussed.

My onsite consulting rate is set at $125.00 per hour which includes my day-rate and accomodation expenses. Working from home, my hourly retail rate is set at $80.00 per hour but blocks of time can be purchased at discount for longer efforts. For example, I offer a day rate - 8 hours time - for $500.00 which works out to a reduced chargeout rate of $62.50 per hour for the 8 hours purchased in advance. To book my time online, click on this link: "Booking Dan's Time".

If you wish to select one of the services packages described below document some custom services you would like me to complete for you, and/or be invoiced online via my PayPal invoicing system instead, please use the following form on my site: "Services Order Form".

From Home Standard Services I Provide Includes:

Website design and construction
Webpage and website SEO optimization
Sitemap.xml creation and webpage indexing submission - Google and Yahoo-Bing
Content creation including blog posts, articles, sales graphics, and videos
Digital/online marketing services - including strategic and delivered content
Facebook business page creation and setup

For Larger Businesses/Corporations:

Professional Management and I.T. Consulting Services
Proposal Writing Services
Presentation Creation
Executive and Staff Training and Mentoring - Online and On-Site
Business, Architectural and Information Systems Design Services
Event Speaking and Lecturing

If you are issuing an RFP or wish me to complete a custom proposal on a project you wish to have completed, please e-mail me at or phone me at 250-594-4497 with the particulars.

Business Services Packages - Home Businesses and Small Businesses

I also offer below a series of what I consider to be useful "Business Services Packages" that clients may wish to purchase.

Website Starter Kit Offer: Do you want to get started down a right path with a new website? Take advantage of this offer. Click the highlighted link to go to my page that describes this offer and project extensions to the offer that can also be purchased.

Website SEO Services Offer: Click the highlighted link to the left to view services that I provide to businesses to improve findability by search engines starting with creating sitemaps, and submitting them and pages from your site that you want indexed on those engines. Options to this package include web-page optimization for SEO, related Keyword searching and analysis, custom posting on your behalf to increase your backlinks and more.

Home and Small Business Consulting and Mentoring: Starting or running a small business and desire some knowledgeable assistance? I am available to both provide business and systems consulting services and mentoring sessions if you desire them. Click the link to learn more.

Speaking Engagement Services: I am available for those businesses wishing to utilize me as a public speaker at an event or as an in person coach and trainer to a group over a to be defined period of time. Click on the high-lighted link to view my terms for these types of engagements.

Professional Consulting Services: I have been a business and information systems professional including being a professional management and information systems consultant working globally for in excess of 30 years. If you wish to book blocks of my time for any project in these disciplines, just click the highlighted link to learn more.

Content Creation and Marketing Services: Click the attached link to view my introductory content creation and services offer with several service components that can be selected from and included.

Last Updated - June 23, 2017


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