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My goals in buildng this online training site began with a desire to help people prepare financially for their retirement years. In recent times, I have become aware of the financial struggles many face in their latter years when they are no longer actively employed in the workforce. For many, the pensions they receive on reaching retirement just are not enough to pay the daily bills.

This site is all about "At Home Entrepreneurship". Through the classes, videos, templates and other supporting resources you gain access through on this site, you can learn many skills and avenues to making additional income from a home based business.

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Are you new to starting a home based business? If so, this is how I recommend you start on this site.

1. Take my class: Starting a Home Business - Guidance for Success (FREE CLASS!)
2. Take my class: Using Entrepreneurship to Prepare for Retirement (FREE COUPON!)
3. Next: Online Marketing - Unleash the Organic Power of Facebook ($25 COUPON)
4. Start reading my articles and signup for my newsletter.

The content above is a great way to get started - to help you start to solidify the direction you want to take with your online business. Once started and depending on your interests, I have many additional classes you can take to help you build your business successfully. So join this site and take the following courses to learn more:

Affiliate Marketing (Chapter One is FREE!)
Affiliate Marketing - Chapter 2: Starting Out
A Guide to Book Self-Publishing and Promotion
Build a Successful Online Business - A Comprehensive Guide
Building Successful Online Sales Funnels
Business Process Design - Conference Room Pilot Methodology
Business Accounting Tips for Entrepreneurs (FREE COURSE)
Computer System Protection
Create, Publish and Sell "Photo" Coloring Books for Profit
E-Mail Marketing and Building E-Mail Subscriber Lists
Home Business Software Applications You Should Have
How To Get Found On The Internet
How to Pick a Business Niche and Build Traffic
Masterclass: MLM 4.0 - How to Build Your Network Marketing Business Online
Online Marketing - Unleash the Organic Power of Facebook
Professional Consulting - What It Means To Be A Consultant
Professional Consulting - Finding Projects and Securing Consulting Engagements
Scorpion System Protection - User Training Course and Scorpion Software Included!
Start a Home Business - Advertising a Business on YouTube
Start a Home Business on a Limited Budget
Starting a Home Business - Guidance for Success (FREE COURSE)
Starting a Home Business - Online Money Making Strategies
Using Entrepreneurship to Prepare for Retirement
Website Selection, Construction and Performance Optimization

You will learn both the business side and the technical side of things - over time you will find this site to be an indispensible resource for your business - and you can even make money from this site as a sales affiliate if you are so inclined.

Do you live on Vancouver Island? I have a personal lecture series that I am kicking off this year - come check it out and send me a note if you are interested in participating. The series is titled: "Earn Income Online Training Series" - it starts when there are enough people interested to begin. I am promoting it now.

I am here to teach you and to mentor you along the way. So join me by enrolling on my Howtoguru Training Site (can be done at no charge) and signup for my informative newsletters to learn even more.

I hope to see you on the inside!

By Dan Grijzenhout - December 28, 2016


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Affiliate Marketing Class

Affiliate Marketing Class

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