Clients Dan Has Consulted To

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Clients Dan Has Consulted To

  • 3M Health Information Systems - Strategic Technology Plan for all Products 3M Health Information Systems (HIS) Rolls out Globally
  • Avantel Communications - Mexico - Architecture Strategy Project
  • Beverley Enterprises - Executive Mentoring Retreat project, Network Systems Management Strategy project
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota - Enterprise Wide Architecture Strategy project, BPR Strategy Development Project, Workgroup Computing Model project, patient Referrals Re-design project
  • Canada Department of Agriculture - Technical Architect, Financial Systems Architect, Financial System Development Team Leader - NISA Project (Net Income Stabilization Account) project for Canadian Farmers
  • Contac Services Inc. - Lead Architect, Senior Director IT and Project Manager for Marketing System Development Project (Air Canada, WestJet and other clients...)
  • Employment and Immigration Canada - Information Audit
  • Ernst & Julio Gallo Wines - Enterprise Wide Architecture Strategy Project - Lead Architect
  • Gateway Computers Inc. - Lead Architect and Project Manager - Enterprise Wide Architecture Strategy, Global Technology Architecture Blueprint, Technical Architect Consulting Advisor Across Numerous Internal Gateway projects
  • Hibernia Development Corporation - Newfoundland - lead Facilitator and Architect on Business Process Engineering Project follwed by BPR Integration to SAP - R3 Project
  • Hong Kong Customs and Excise - Hong Kong - Technical Architect on Strategic Systems Planning project
  • JP Morgan Chase Bank - Technical Design Authority - Custody Trading Systems Development Project - JPM /Chase Bank Merger
  • Maduro & Curiels Bank - Curacao - IT Assessment Project
  • Manitoba Rural Health Authority - Lead Architect - Y2K Remediation project for Manitoba Rural Health and Hospital systems
  • MCI Systemhouse - Global Practice Leader for Enterprise Wide Architecture Strategy projects
  • New York Police Department - Design Architect - 911 Emergency Response Systems project
  • Nextel Communications - Lead Architect and Project Manager for Nextel Y2K Readiness project
  • Pemex Petroleum - Mexico - SCADA System Design Proposal project - Project Manager and Lead Architect
  • PNE Exhibtion - Vancouver - Financial Systems Selection and Implementation
  • Primex Forest Products - Strategic Systems Plan
  • Saskatchewan Department of Health - Acting CIO and Legacy Systems Migration Lead Architect and Project Manager for all Saskatchewan Health Systems
  • Tong Yang Insurance - Republic of South Korea
  • TRW / US Department of Defence - Technical Architect - Base Logistics & Supply Order Management Systems Proposal Project for USAF F18 Deployments Globally
  • Yukon Justice Department - Imaging Systems Feasibility Study

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By Dan Grijzenhout - March 05, 2017

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