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Computer System Protection - Advanced Methods
Joan Brooksbank
Learned a lot of new information. Thanks Dan! The information found in this course is very valuable and the explanations of concepts are very clear.
The instructor's delivery is very clear and easy to understand and also very easy to follow when putting the new information into practice.
The course description is accurate and the instructor is very knowledgeable about his subject.
I highly recommend this course to anyone who values their privacy!
Rosario Craxi
good quality easy to follow !!!! Super Thks !!!!!
Della Luce
I had no idea that my security settings were changed each time Windows did an update! Thank you !!!
Very interesting to see why I get dozens of advertising directed at me after visiting different sites. Again thanks.

Digital Marketing Using Social Media, SEO and Google AdWords (new course)
Nancy Norris
I like the style of teaching. Instructors voice is easily understood.
So far he has been laying the groundwork for the course and it has been very interesting.
This will not be a dull course.

Online Marketing - Unleash the Organic Power of Facebook
Ronald Watts
Excellent course quick and to the point - highly recommended!
Huyen Huynh
Cool. I don't know how to use facebook fanpage until i watch this course.
Aldreama Harper
Excellent course!.

Jackson Rose
Excellent Course. Very interested in getting more indepth information.
This was very helpful in providing a good starting point.

A Guide to Book Self-Publishing and Promotion
Paige Uttley
Love the course. It is pertinent to publishing currently, which I found to be a great help.
Michael Mamah
Very Good Content.

A Guide to Professional Consulting - Part Two
Social Scientist/Researcher - Redvers Crooks
This course is a great course with excellent presentation skills with a great deal of educational content.
Shawn G. Miller
Excellent information!

Affiliate Marketing - Rollout Strategy Development
Jamie Henry
Useful info, well presented thank you!
Junaid Khan
Excellent course. Great knowledge.
Edmar Inocencio
I liked, thank you.

Using Entrepreneurship to Prepare for Retirement
Marshall Mellow
Having just completed this course training, I found it to cover several areas of interest -
"food for thought" so to speak, for someone who might be considering
supplementing their retirement income streams.
Arul Jefferson
Short but sweet!!!
Della Luce
I found this course very informative and easy to follow and understand!
Very impressed .. I will be taking more

Understanding Your Financial Needs as You Retire

I am convinced that to obtain financial stability in retirement requires more than receiving standard government pensions 

and many people reach retirement age too financially insolvent to actually retire.

Additional pensions, significant savings or earning entrepreneurial revenue from home is needed

to help people survive in retirement without undue financial stress.








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