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About Dan Grijzenhout

Much of this website is geared towards providing access to training/tutorial content that I have created and insights on
selecting products useful to those considering
undertaking some form of online entrepreneurial endeavor
so as to improve their financial situation, particularly as it relates to retirement preparedness. 

In this regard, I felt it prudent to share with you more about myself as, were I in your shoes listening to the advice and products I am recommending,
I would want to make sure I could trust the source of what I heard. So here goes:essional Profile:

Historically, I have been a business and systems professional skilled in developing enterprise wide information systems strategies
and the detailed design and development of information systems utilizing Web, object oriented and client/server technologies.

I have
significant depth in the Travel, Oil & Gas Exploration, Manufacturing, High Tech., Telecommunications,
Financial Services and Health Care industry verticals - having worked both in industry as an accountant to controller levels
and as a senior project manager and systems architect; designing, developing, implementing and supporting
integrated application systems for a number of large and Fortune ranked
For a listing of some of the more well known clients I have consulted to, click on the link: Dan Grijzenhout and Howtoguru Client List"

My principle areas of expertise include:

Business Process Engineering & Organizational Restructuring
Enterprise Wide Information Systems Strategy Development

Business Rollout Strategy Development

Digital Marketing Services
Strategic and Detailed Systems Architecture Design
Project Management
Systems Development & Integration
Product and Tool Selections
General Management Consulting

The above image is a photo taken of myself and General Alexander Haig
(former U.S. Secretary of State and Head of NATO under Ronald Regan).
General Haig interviewed me for a 20 minute TV segment for the show he hosted called "World Business Review".

In the above interview and National TV Broadcast, I discussed my work in advancing inovations in Loyalty programs
integrated with advanced Telecommunications products. This work was mostly completed for a company
in which I was one of the core six architects, coming on board as a consultant
for over a year to assist this startup in rolling out its products and services offerings.

To view my complete lifetime CV/Resume and skills matrix, click on the two links below.  The first documents what I have achieved
throughout my career and the second documents some of the technologies, methodologies and tools
with which I have gained considerable expertise over the years.

I have this past year started building an online content creation business focused on assisting those that wish to become entrepreneurs
in their own right and in this regard, have built a "Howtoguru Training Center" containing over 30 course options for those wanting to build their own businesses. 
My particular focus and drive for doing this is to help people better prepare financially for retirement as I have been seeing around me
many people struggling to survive as they reach their retirement years.
I wish to do my part in assisting them make it through their retirement years in more financial comfort. 

Everything I do here in promoting products that have been working for me is primarily motivated by my trying to help others
get the tools they need to succeed in their endeavors. I expect I will make some money from promoting these products on this site. 
The money I earn here will help me in my retirement as well which is fast approaching plus
it will help me cover my costs of building and keeping these sites up for others to use and get value from.

Best wishes,
Donald (Dan) Grijzenhout

Disciplines and Skills Expertise:  Click Here

View My Full Historical Professional Resume






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