A Checklist for Getting Organic Traffic

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A Checklist for Getting Organic Traffic

This article is intended to provide you the reader with a checklist of ideas that can help you receive more organic traffic to your website. 

Good SEO optimization is not enough if you are just starting out as a creator wanting to get your content found on the Internet. You either have to pay for the traffic by promoting it through Facebook or Google+ or other pay for view services, or you have to manually and organically promote your content yourself, which takes a considerable amount of work when just starting out. 

If you do choose to grow your views by organic manual effort, the checklist of ideas listed below should be useful to you. 


Build followers on social media platforms like Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook with backlinks to your website in your profiles and in each post or item you upload to those sites. You may not get a lot of traffic from this, but some views should trickle back to your site. 

If you can, write an E-Book and get it published on Amazon/Kindle then build an "Author Central profile" for yourself on Amazon with link backs to your website. Once done, create additional author profiles on book review sites such as "GoodReads". 

If you are selling products on your website, be sure to feature them on places like Google+, Pinterest and your Facebook Business Page which you should also set up. 

Frequently update your website with additional pages and content - you should be doing this at least once a week. This lets search engines know your site is alive and improving which does get you a bit higher in the rankings. 

Make sure your website is completely registered and that your webpages are indexed on the Google search engine and on the Bing search engine - also, do not forget to submit your sitemap.xml files to these searchengines - or you just will not get found organically by their web crawlers to get your pages indexed in the first place. These are "Must Do" steps you have to take. FYI - I do have a course online that you can take that will show you how to accomplish this - get it at 44% off if interested by clicking the image or it's title here which is "Get Organic Website Traffic - Important SEO Strategies".

Promote, promote and promote the content you create around the Internet - such as your articles and videos. Get out there to start getting the backlinks to your website. The more activity such as this you have with external sites referencing yours over time, the higher your search engine rankings will be and the more traffic you will receive. 

Don't always promote in the same place. Be looking for additional places to showcase your content. You want wide reach wide audiences for what you create without antagonizing the same groups of people by promoting yourself and your business too frequently in the same space all the time. 

Find Internet business communities your content relates to and target them. Over time, these communities and their members will begin to look at your site as a source point for information and your traffic will grow. Remember, the Internet is no longer about selling people. It is about sharing information with people and sales have become a by product of the information sharing activities. 

Which brings me to this next related point: A good strategy if you have things to sell is to create "how to use them" videos or articles that you can share as opposed to pushing a sales pitch at them wherever possible. Let the sales come organically as an output to advice given as opposed to pushing for them. 

People like to follow other people on journeys. So if what you are doing out there is some form of journey, document it and share it - it will increase your traffic. 

Learn how to build good "Squeeze Pages/Landing Pages" where you can engage people who visit and capture information such as their e-mail addresses. This gives you more ways in which to contact them (such as through e-mail marketing) and keeps you engaged with them. 

If you are writing articles, get them on your website and also get them onto article distribution sites as well. You will get some trickle through traffic from this. 

Post comments on other people's articles on high value sites as well. You can get some back channel traffic from this activity as well if you are entering your website information along with your postings. Be careful with this strategy though, make sure you are only giving link back information on quality sites that Google would like or their search engine might punish you in their ratings just by association. 

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The ideas above should help you to organically build traffic over time to your site. It is a slower paced growth than paid promotion is, but the longer you work at it, the more your follower base will grow and the better you will do. Accelerating your traffic growth requires spending money and I'll soon be creating an article to assist you in getting a good bang for your buck if you chose to take the paid promotion route instead or as well. 

Good luck in building your traffic to your site.

By Dan Grijzenhout - December 20, 2016

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